Snehagiri Missionary Sisters (SMS)


Our Mission is to impart the healing touch of Jesus and the compassionate love through various apostolic activities. We consider our ministries as ways of sharing the mercy of the Heavenly Father to the people around. Inspiration is drawn from the words of Jesus that “Whenever you did this for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did it for me” (Mt. 25:40). A Snehagiri Sister believes that, when she does any work of mercy in the name of Jesus, she is really serving Jesus. It is this conviction that enables her to undertake activities for the people in the name of the Lord.


The vision of the sacrificial life of Snehagiri Missionary Sisters is to be an another Christ among the poor and needy. When she serves the poor, it is an encounter with Jesus. She is performing the service of Divine Mercy of Jesus, who travelled doing well and healing everyone. Works of mercy form a major portion of the activities of Snehagiri Missionary Sisters. The intention of the life of Snehagiri Missionary Sisters is to be part of this healing ministry of Jesus through various charitable services. The two fold aspects of the life of Snehagiri is to be with Him in the Holy Eucharist and to be sent out to witness to compassionate love of heavenly Father through humanitarian services.


The Motto of Snehagiri Missionary Sisters is ‘Jesus Alone’. The power and strength of a Snehagiri Sister is to be in Jesus and in ‘Jesus alone’. Jesus is always with us as a consistent friend and shower of continuous blessings to our life. Personal love and close relationship with Jesus should be the Motto of a Snehagiri Sister. This Motto is motivating each Snehagiri Missioanry Sister for Snehadanena deenasevartham samarpitham- to dedicate for rendering love, compassion and service through her consecrated life


The Charism of Snehagiri Missionary Sisters is self consecration to the poor of Christ with Him by receiving the spirit from the Holy Eucharist which is the symbol of self gift and self consecration of Jesus Christ. A Snehagiri Missionary Sisters has been called to dedicate her life for the service of the poor, following the life style of Jesus who was born and lived as poor, loved and committed Himself for them. As the Snehagiri Missionary Sisters we should find the centre of our love, the inspiration for our apostolate and the meaning of our name from the Holy Eucharist and Divine Liturgy in Holy Altar. We have consecrated ourselves for the service of the Holy Catholic Church. (Constitution: 3).


The goal of Snehagiri Missionary Sisters is to witness the compassionate love of Jesus among the poor and abandoned, deriving spiritual power and strength from the Holy Eucharist.