Snehagiri Missionary Sisters (SMS)

About US


About Us

The Second Vatican Council was a new inspiration to open a new entrance to a modern era in the Church. The Council enabled the  religious congregations to have a new vision about the life and existence of religious life. Inspired by the teachings of this Council, moving a slight differently from the traditional religious trends, combining prayer and action,  a new religious life was born with a specific charism of charity. The congregation of Snehagiri Missionary Sisters was formed in the Church especially for the well-being of the people of India. In the midst of various local and foreign congregations, imbibing the lifestyle and traditions of India suitable to the Christian belief, the new congregation was created.

Snehagiri Missionary Sisters is an indigenous religious community in the Syro-Malabar Church with a Specific Charism of Witnessing the compassionate love of Jesus among the poor and abandoned, deriving spiritual power and strength from the Holy Eucharist. Inspired by the words of Jesus Christ “Whenever you did this for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did it for me” (Mt. 25:40), the religious community of the Snehagiri Missionary Sisters was founded in the diocese of Palai on 24th  May 1969 by Rev. Fr. Abraham Kaippanplackal with the blessings and patronage of Bishop of Palai, late Mar Sebastian Vayalil on 24th November 1994 it was constituted as a Congregation of Eparchial Right by Mar Joseph Pallikaprampil, the then Bishop of the Eparchy of Palai. The congregation was elevated to the status of a Major Archi Episcopal Congregation on 3rd September  2006.






Snehagiri has a Eucharistic spirituality. The centre of our love, source of our energy and the meaning of our name is found in the sacrifice of Christ on the mountain of love and its representation in the Holy Eucharist at the Holy Altar. The members of our congregation are inspired and motivated by the teachings, “whenever you did this for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did it for me”. (Mt. 25:40).  Snehagiri Sisters  do what God requires to do, least service for the least ones. Every  morning  we gather together around the Holy altar and get strengthened by the Holy Eucharist. From there the sisters are going to give witness to the compassionate love of Christ.

The Motto of a Snehagiri Sister is ‘ Jesus Alone.’ There may be problems in the way of Spiritual Life, may become alone, may the test of temptation disturb, may be tortured by sickness, may be misunderstood, but everywhere she has only one trust- Jesus Alone. The life of crucified Lord, who forgot himself and dedicated for the sake of others is imitated by the Snehagiri Missionary Sisters. Inspired by the self sacrifice and self renunciation of the Christ on Mount Calvary, Snehagiri Sisters renounce her desires and sacrifices all her advantages for the well being of the poor in our care. The one and only strength is the wounded Christ, who lives with us through the broken bread every moment.










• The center and focus of love and acts of charity is the Holy Eucharist.

• The raised hands invite to be ever in union with the Father, through prayer and activities.

• The cross reminds on Resurrected Lord. • The Lotus Flower recalls Indian heritage as the congregation was evolved out of the ardent desire of the founder to give birth to a religious congregation with the rich tradition of Indian Sanyasa life.

• The three steps reminds of Mount Calvary where the supreme love of God was revealed. Strengthened from the Mount of Love, Calvary, Snehagiri Sisters form a new Mountain of Love in the world, Snehagiri.

• The words on the emblem is “Snehadanena Deena Sevartahm Samarpitham”. That means a life dedicated for the suffering people, sharing love of Jesus.