Snehagiri Missionary Sisters (SMS)



 The specific charism of Snehagiri Missionary Sisters is witnessing the compassionate love of Jesus among the poor, abandoned and marginalized section of the society, deriving spiritual power and strength from the Holy Eucharist. Strengthened by the Holy Eucharist every morning we are send out to the poor with the compassionate love of Jesus. Thus we combine the life of Martha and Mary in our day today life. That is sitting with him on the Mountain and coming down to the valleys to share His love among the suffering people who are waiting to hear a word of consolation, for an embrace and loving touch of healing. The asset of Snehagiri is the poor in her care. Through these poor of God, the world accept Snehagiri and give support to Snehagiri.

Healing Ministry of Jesus

A main part of the life of Jesus was spent for healing the sick in mind and body. His healing touch, loving words, his presence and the miracles he had done lead the people to him and through this healing ministry Jesus lived in their mind. He healed people and also asked his disciples to continue this healing through their life. Actually following the path of Jesus and his disciples Snehagiri Missionary Sisters are engaged in the healing ministry of Jesus through various apostolic activities. We give strength, support and thus firm the weak and broken mind by sharing the affirmative love of Jesus. All in the care of Snehagiri Sisters are sick and wounded either in body or in soul. The ministry of Snehagiri Sisters is to get these wounds healed through each of her words and deeds above all through her loving presence.

Apostolic Fields

Following the lifestyle of Jesus, we take care the downtrodden section of the society by running orphanages for the poor and tribal children, old age homes, homes for the mentally challenged, physically challenged and mentally ill people and also we take care the street wanderers.


The foundation of Snehagiri was laid during the foundation of Boys Town itself. Now this house of love has expanded to various parts of India. The poor boys and girls who are denied the love and care of parents, affection of a home and protection of the future found a new home and shelter in Snehagiri. At present we run 6 orphanages for boys and 7 for girls in and out of Kerala. About 2000 children are taken care under the maternal affection of Snehagiri Sisters. We give them not only the educational facilities, but also training for an integral development of their personality. After the higher secondary education, we give them support for higher education and professional training. In the case of orphan children we make them settled for a safe future.

Old age homes

Snehagiri is a home to receive the abandoned. The aged people, who scarified  their life and youth for their children became isolated and abandoned at their old age. We receive them to our houses as our own parents and give them the affection of children and prepare them for a blessed death.  Snehagiri Sisters run 7 destitute homes for aged men and 9 homes for women. 1000 abandoned aged people live with us sharing the love of Jesus.

Disabled Homes

The disability finds meaning in Snehagiri.We have about 500 disabled women with us in our homes enjoying their disability through the loving touch of Snehagiri Sisters. They are not desperate about their life. Their physical disability gives away when they take part in various activities of the homes like craft work, osthy making and tailoring etc.

Mentally challenged

The modern society is not ready to accept the challenged people both physically and mentally. But those who are denied by the society are the asset of Snehagiri. We have homes for the mentally challenged women and children About 200 innocent lives find meaning in our sneharams. Also we have two established special schools with 500 children. Uplifting these people of God from their weakness, we try to bring them to the main stream of the society. They are given vocational training in candle making, book binding and cover making etc. Also there is a well established band set and their performance is watched by the world with wonder.

Mentally ill

Disorder is always disturbing. Society is always afraid of the mentally ill people. Now Snehagiri put a new step in her apostolic field. We do service among the mentally ill people in the diocese of Pathanamthitta. Also a new house is in make for the wandering mentally ill women in Sangli Mission.

Pastoral Activities

Pastoral service is an important aspect of the charism of Snehagiri. Wherever a new house of Snehagiri is started we engage in the pastoral activities of the parish together with the priests there. We actively take part in the liturgy, catechism, home mission, animate different groups like CYML, KCYM, Mathryjyothi, Credit union etc. House visiting is a special feature of our parish work. Usually we visit the houses in the parish with out discrimination of cast or creed. If there is poor and sick in the parish, we go to their houses and do necessary services as we do to the aged people in our homes or we will take them to our homes. We make the sick and aged ready for a well- prepared death and specially we do dressing of the dead if necessary. Actually our homes are run by the support of the local people.